About ANIF

Armenian National Interests Fund (ANIF) is a foreign direct investment fund operating under the Government of Armenia to co-invest alongside top global investors and industrial partners in large-scale projects in Armenia.

Our mandate is to be a proactive investor and partner in the region in order to generate and facilitate investments in crucial sectors of the economy and infrastructure.

In doing that, we seek to combine Armenia’s vast intellectual potential and untapped resources with crucial expertise and best practices of the leading industrial players and governments in order to create a solid foundation for foreign investments and strengthen Armenia’s economic development.


Our Mission and Purpose

We strive to make Armenia the best destination to live, work and do business in the region.

ANIF is committed to its mission to generate sustainable returns to facilitate Armenia’s economic development, capital growth and income generation. We seek to create and deliver value in the long term to bolster Armenia’s long-term economic transformation and advance our communities across generations.

ANIF strongly adheres to the principles of good governance, accountability, transparency and prudent investment practices and seeks to maintain a stable and open investment climate.

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