Press Release: The Government of Armenia Launches Armenian National Interests Fund

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

We are excited to announce that on May 20, 2019 the Government of Armenia established Armenian National Interests Fund (“ANIF”), the state-owned Foreign Direct Investment Fund.

The newly and democratically elected Armenian Government has assigned a broad mandate to ANIF to act as a fiduciary for Armenia’s public interests in matters of foreign direct investments and to increase investment flows into the country. Over the next 5 years, ANIF will co-invest with various partners into select large-scale projects in the most promising sectors and crucial infrastructure by presenting comprehensive value propositions and providing necessary advice to major investors.

In every investment it makes, ANIF will seek to partner with leading institutional investors or industrial players – thus acting as a conduit and catalyst not only for investment flows, but also for new tech and talent into Armenia.

We are committed to our vision for a strong, forward-thinking, sustainable and diversified economy and strive to support the improvement of the broader investment climate in the country.

ANIF is currently seeking industrial partners and co-investors.

Further information on our strategy and operations, investment projects and upcoming RFPs will be published on our website.


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