For Armenia

  1. To develop Armenia's economy through attracting foreign investments into the most promising sectors and crucial infrastructure

  2. ​To support the improvement of investment climate in Armenia and create stable and favorable conditions for large and small businesses alike

  3. ​To create large-scale jobs in the long term to increase the quality of life for our communities

For the Fund

  1. To invest own and partners’ capital and generate solid returns to supplement Armenia’s state budget and capital growth

  2. To increase investment flows in Armenia by providing comprehensive advice and support to major investors

  3. To grow international financial footprint and ensure expansion of Armenia’s foreign trade  

For our team

  1. To focus on adopting a systemic and multifaceted approach to evaluating projects and work with all stakeholders to develop and present complete, all-encompassing value propositions to potential investors

  2. To involve all talent available both in Armenia and abroad in the ANIF’s team and specific investment projects

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